Tuesday, 26 September 2017


Monki Check Duster Jacket (old, similar here, here and here), M&S Ribbed Mustard Jumper, H&M Reflective Sunglasses (similar here), Accessorize Mini Black Bag, Topshop Mom Jeans, Mango Ring Loafers (similar here)

Since having to wear yellow for my job I've had a little bit of hatred for the colour, but as we step in to Autumn and we see it filling shop windows and being worn by the likes of the beautiful Chloe here, I've been converted. I thought the colour was just for the lucky tanned ladies among us but it turns out you should just wear what tf you want and not what a fashion mag or presenter on This Morning tells us suits our skin tone! *Phil and Holly, I still love you*
So, with the pop of Autumnal colour sorted, I've added the biggest blogger cliché piece of the season - a check print jacket. Whilst I love all the blazers sitting on the shoulders of my favourite bloggers, I already had this longline version in my wardrobe so decided to restyle it for this year to save some pennies - don't you love it when your problem habit of hoarding clothes pays off?! I'm definitely gonna be wearing this jacket much more this time round than when I first bought it, so if you're a Norwich local reading this and spot me in the centre - expect to see me in this!

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Thursday, 14 September 2017


Comme des Garçons Play Grey T-Shirt, Monki Semi Circle Bag (similar here and here), Monki Straight Leg Trouser, Daniel Wellington Watch, Adidas Gazelle Trainers

I had a whole post written up on my emotions and shit but after putting off publishing it for a week now I decided I must not be ready to share it all quite yet. It was basically around the point that this is the perfect t-shirt for my mind, or more fittingly, my heart of late. That I tried to share it just a little bit for the first time again recently, but it turns out that since my break up last year my heart isn't quite so big as it used to be. That it's just that little bit harder to let people in. Can someone tell me when this feeling will end? Because it turns out having a little black heart may be nice embroidered on an overpriced t-shirt, but in RL, not so much.

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Sunday, 3 September 2017


H&M Stripey Tee (similar here), ASOS Midi Pinafore Dress, Monki Metallic Silver Bag (similar here), Daniel Wellington Watch, Adidas Stan Smith Trainers

Anyone else secretly really happy summer is nearly over? Just me then?! Okay so that may not be completely true, I will miss my weekly trips to the seaside but I am SO over dressing for summer. Give me a chunky knit and boots any day over a cami and sandals. I'm just not one for baring all, so this midi dress layered over a stripey tee has been my savoir in these warmer months... and replace the tee with a roll neck and the dress will be perfect for those autumnal days to come too!

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Wednesday, 23 August 2017


H&M Striped Shirt (very similar here), Monki Metallic Silver Bag (sold out, similar here), Topshop Mom Jeans, Daniel Wellington Watch, Kate Spade Silver Bangle, Adidas Stan Smith Trainers

My go to style of late: oversized shirts and mom jeans. Because even just the thought of wearing skinny jeans or a tight fitting tee makes me feel uncomfortable and exhausted. I've had comments recently that I should make the most of my slim frame and wear something more fitted. Well sorry, but have you not heard of a food baby? I need to make sure that under all circumstances I leave enough room for all the avo on toast and iced coffee... duhhh. Anyone else use this *extremely valid* excuse for wearing oversized everything? What's your go to style of the moment?

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